I'm really not the type of person quick to boil. I'm really very placid and enjoy helping - getting things fixed. I'll quite happily sit for hours helping people sort out an issue. But some people really do make it tough to stay calm.

Earlier today: 
them: *Pong Can you you give me a hand with some code?
me: Sure, what's up?
them: this: <code stuff>
me: for a start that's wrong-> *points out mistake
them: ok I'll try
them: still not working..
me: ok I'll check it out *go and run it myself
me: works for me
me: I'll take a look at your code *has a look at their commit
me: erm it's not there you sure you've uploaded it?
them: one sec
them: I can see it now can you recheck
me: *See it now? How do you expect me to help you if it's not there for me to see. I'm not a fucking wizzard.*oh look there it is, I know you've just put that up. WTF that isn't the same as you asked me to debug
me: ok for starters you haven't fixed that bug that I pointed out first off
them: ok I can see that bug
me: *yeah I know you can see it, I can see it too and told you about it. The thing is you need to fucking fix it before it'll work

We all make mistakes, forget things. but c'mon if you've asked for help make it easy on the other person.  

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