I get it, I know. Brothers' got to make some money. I also know that I shouldn't try to pretend that I can be urban in any way that it remotely plausible. Do those ads that take a steaming dump on your ears while you're listening to a youtube playlist, Spotify, or thrust themselves into your visionary plane in the offence that is known as a modal window actually work?

By work I mean do you get the warm fuzzy feeling of connection to the company, or do you just want to rid it from your life as quickly as possible? I was pondering this question the other day when Youtube excreted another ad at my ears. Embarrassingly enough at the time I did remember what the ad was for which sort of undermined my opinion that they were useless. Happily now I have no recollection and no impulse buys so all is well. The odd thing is that the very reason I was listening to said playlist was because I'd heard a radio show on Northern Soul and fancied hearing some more. Someone had gladly disregarded copyright and provided something to satisfy my curiosity. I'm well aware of the dodgy moral ground here - but the point is, had I not been annoyed by the ads so much I might have bought the album I was listening to. 

I have no problem with advertising as a revenue stream, I understand that stuff costs money. But I do take issue when your business model devalues your product, when it inserts itself like a needy toddler into your quiet little conversation. Is it too much to ask for a little more creativity or do we just have to put up with someone shouting at us for ever more?

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