Git has worked its way into my workflow and is now an everyday feature of my routine. Initially it can be intimidating. Especially if you only have command line tools to work from. Being a distributed version control system, you have to remember there is not central 'god' store of your code. You have to decide where and how your team pull and share code. A common pattern is to use a hosting platform like github which you may have seen with people sharing gists of code samples. My favourite for commercial projects is bitbucket as they give you free private repositories where as github charge for anything that isn't public. Github is great for discovering or working together on open source code though. The social element of it is really useful if you're working in a team. 

If you haven't tried git for your source control I recommend giving it a look. It's an incredibly powerful way to manage your code and keep on top of your changes. More and more GUI tools are emerging and improving if the command line gives you nightmares. 

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